Start number
The starting number must be worn on the chest or belly and must be completely and clearly visible during the whole competition. It must therefore always be worn on the outermost piece of clothing and must never be fastened to the backpack or to a leg. The starting number must be worn at all time (unless an incident occurs - if the instruction is not followed - with a person responsible for the event).



The current COVID-19 requirements of the austrian federal government will be applied.

Partial self-service
The competition is a single competition with partial self-service between the food stations.
In particular, the following should be noted:
• Drinks and food are available at the supply facilities. Water is available for filling containers and water bottles.
• Each participant should ensure that they have enough to drink with them until the next food station.
• Personal assistance is only permitted by the attendants or supervisors ONLY at the labs.
• Any professional assistance (by a professional, doctor or other medically trained person) is strictly prohibited.
Course markings
The route is marked clearly visible.
Public roads are only partially blocked and secured; the general road traffic regulations must be strictly adhered to when using public roads and freight routes.
During dusk and at night, the route is additionally marked with reflective marks. (Visible when lit with flashlight)
ATTENTION: Go back if you do not see any marks!
ollow the marked trails, do not take short cuts!


At the price giving ceremony the three fastest ladies and gentlemen of the respective competitions will be awarded.


Safety and medical assistance
Any runner who has difficulties or is seriously injured may ask for help:
• by visiting a lab
• by asking other runners to visit a lab and to provide help.
Each runner must help another participant in danger and notify somebody of the organization team.
Do not forget that various circumstances that are connected with the environment and the competition may delay the arrival of the aid. In this case, your safety may depend on the things you carry with you.
Rescue workers are entitled to:
• Participants who are unable to continue the competition to stop them(from deleting the starting number)
• Participants who are in danger of evacuating with the means they consider appropriate
• To include participants in a hospital if their condition requires them. The costs for the use of special evacuating agents must be worne by the person concerned. It is the task of the evacuee to submit a request for reimbursement of costs at his accident insurance company.

Competition and return transport
A participant may, except in the case of injury, terminate the competition only at control points. In this case, he must inform the persons in charge of the organization who depreciate the start number.
The participant retains his invalid start number because it allows him to use and access to help items and food.
The return transport is decided together with the person responsible for the organization and is only possible at certain labs / control points.
In the case of bad weather, the race office will ensure the return of the participants as quickly as possible.
If a participant gives up the race he or she is responsible to announce this to a person of the organization. The participant is no longer under the control of the organizer from this point onwards.

Cancellation of the race
If, for any reason, the event is canceled more than 10 days before the scheduled start, part of the entry fee will be refunded. The amount depends on the organizer to keep the funds already used for the organization. If, for any reason, the event is canceled less than 10 days before the start or the competition is canceled, a reimbursement of the nominal fee is excluded.
Registration fee
The registration is only valid after payment of the start fee.
The respective registration fees can be found in the individual races.

Registration cancellation
Each applicant must be notified by e-mail ( or registered letter. By telephone or fax it is not possible to cancel. The application fee is refunded according to the following scheme:
Before June 30, 2024 ==> 60%
1 July - 31 July 2024 ==> 50%
There will be no reimbursement after 31 July 2024.



A change of registration to another competition is possible at any time for a processing fee of € 5, -.
Environmental Protection
The respect for the environment and the ecosystem is extremely important to us: The disposal of garbage along the route is strictly forbidden, garbage can be disposed of at the catering facilities. The route runs exclusively on marked paths, which must not be left.

Penalties and disqualification
The Competition Management and WUT Officials may impose penalties according to the following table with immediate effect or after the competition:





Support or food given through a person not participating in the race (outside authorized zone at the supply stations)

30 minutes

Taking short cuts or leaving the prescribed trail completely

10 minutes up to disqualifikation

Rejecting the mandatory equipment check (before, during and after the race)


Absence of (parts of) mandatory equipement

5 minutes up to disqualifikation

Deliberately littering either by the competitor or his assistant.

1 hour

Refusal to help other persons in trouble (other competitors and non-participating persons)

1 hour


Un-athletic and ruthless behaviour towards others (GGUT crew, specators, other runners)

1 hour up to disqualification

Cheating (by using public transport or exchanging bibs etc.)


Failure to pass through a check-point

Decision Race-Marshal

Failure to follow the instructions authorized by the event organizer, trail official, head of officials at the check-points, doctors or paramedics


Rejecting a doping control

The athlete will be charged with a positive doping result


Any other offenses which are not included in the regulations will be punished according to the decision of the race management. In case of disqualification, no refund will be given.

Liability insurance:
he organizer shall take out liability insurance for the duration of the competition. This liability insurance covers the financial consequences of its responsibility and those of its employees.
Individual accident insurance:
Each participant must have personal accident insurance, which also includes possible search actions. Such insurance may be concluded with any insurance company.
Evacuations by helicopter are subject to charges. The type of evacuation is chosen by the organizer or the rescue team, which primarily considers the safety of the runner.

In the event of my participation in a run within the framework of the "Wienerwald Ultra Trail", I acknowledge the organizer's disclaimer of liability for damages of any kind (including theft and property damage). I will not assert against the organizer, the community and sponsors of the running event nor against the participating clubs, damages and injuries of any kind, which could arise through my participation in the running event. Each participant has to provide insurance coverage.

Individual sponsors
The runners with their own sponsors may only affix the logos of their sponsors in such a way that the start number or partner logos of the organizer are not hidden.

Images rights
Each participant expressly waives all privileges of the photo during the competition as well as all complaints against the organizer and his partners regarding the use of pictures.
Any publication on this event or use of the images of this event must be done with respect to this event and the registered trademark and with the consent of the official organizer.